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Fifth Grade: Visiting Artist


Works above are by Matt Lowe



Thank you to Matt Lowe for volunteering your time to teach us about graphic design and fonts! If you’re interested in seeing more of Matt’s work, visit his website here.

Fifth Grade: Stop-Motion Animations

The last time I did this project almost three years ago:

  • It was my first year of teaching (so clearly, it was the perfect time to pick such an involved project)
  • It was done with fourth graders who were very new to me, and I new to them
  • The assignment was wide open. No theme. (Really Ms. Ejaz?! We can do whatever we want?!)
  • We used digital cameras
  • I pulled all of the photos into Windows Movie Maker, adjusted the frames per second
  • I had each team individually record their sounds onto my laptop
  • Then I went back into Movie Maker and saved each movie
  • Then I uploaded each video to Youtube
  • Whew.

Fast forward to this year, and I’d like to thank two technological advancements and my common sense:

  • iPads
  • The Lego Stop-Motion Movie App
  • Theme: Food!

With this in place, I barely had to help with the technical process, which left more time for me to communicate with each group about their creative process and observe their team-working skills. The app was extremely easy to use, and had some very handy features. One of my favorites was something we ended up calling the “Ghost,” a feature that leaves a ghost image of the last frame that was captured, allowing you to better control the amount of movement from frame to frame. So cool!

We spent the last day of the unit with popcorn and a premier of all of the fifth grade films (43 total!). I’m really going to miss these guys.

Here are a few:

The Wedding of Brownie and Milk

Happy Hot Dogs

The Wing Fight

See the rest of them here:


Fifth Grade: Op Art Zentangle Silhouettes


I just love these. I love that you can see a fifth grader’s maturity and playfulness at the same time in these artworks…The way you can sit down and have a very serious conversation with them one moment, and then see them hopscotch jumping down the hallway the next.

We had a lot of discussions on this sort of juxtaposition in life: opposites, balance, organized chaos, positive vs. negative, beautiful messes, contrast. I think it’s easy to see that they LOVED this project:

The “Unofficial Art Club”

I don’t run an official Art Club, but almost every day, a bunch of kids end up in the art room during their lunch or recess. Because this is my prep period, unless a student was absent and needs my direction, I usually take a pretty hands-off approach and say, “teach each other,” and they do! I snapped a couple of photos of fifth graders helping one another with “finger weaving” or “finger knitting”:DSC00859 DSC00858Before the above photo was taken, Violette said, “Ms. Ejaz! My piece is almost as tall as you!” I told her that’s not very hard to do.

By the way, I’m 5’1″ 🙂