Second Grade: Interactive Chalk Drawings

How awesome are these?! My second graders had a blast creating these interactive chalk pastel drawings based on one of their favorite foods. If you’re from Ithaca or have visited Ithaca, chances are you’ve stopped by Ithaca Bakery (I hope you have!), which means you’ve seen their expansive menu. We had the pleasure of working with Sara E. Fort, a local artist who creates the beautiful chalk pastel menus for the bakery as a part of her role as the bakery’s graphic designer. Sara is so incredibly talented, and the kids loved having a “real artist” in our art room!

As much as I love the final products, my favorite part of this project was witnessing the play and imagination that went on as their food drawings came to life and they pretended to interact with the artworks. Lots of laughing, lots of chalk pastel-covered hands, and a lot of proud artists!

A big thank you to Sara for spending time with us and inspiring us through your work!

NOTE: For all the art teachers out there, I purchased Chalk Board Contact Paper and covered large pieces of cardboard. The paper went on smoothly, took the pastel quite nicely, and clean up was a breeze!


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