5th Grade: Chalk Pastel Landscapes

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I’m not quite sure how we got here. Looking back and comparing each of the six 5th grade classes, the journey was unique to each group of kids.

For the first time I decided to let go a little more than usual. I invited my students to have a more significant role as decision-makers as we crafted this project together. Here’s what I learned:

-They are very much aware of aesthetics (more than I thought!)

-They understand that boundaries can give us more control and at the same time challenge us to be more resourceful and creative

-They LOVE to give each other feedback, and they know how to do it in a constructive way!

-Some of them were actually beginning to grasp this concept of arbitrary color, which is HUGE and unexpected.

Needless to say, I’m really proud of these fifth grade artists!


2 thoughts on “5th Grade: Chalk Pastel Landscapes

  1. This is awesome! I followed the link from facebook and I was so impressed to see what my kiddos have been doing. Very nice work everyone!

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