Third Grade: Alter-Ego Self-Portraits


This project just might be at the top of my favorites list…I know because the pieces shown above were completed at 3:08, and they were hanging up by 4:15 🙂

We looked at work by Pablo Picasso, taking note of the different angles represented in his Cubist work, which led us into a conversation about showing different sides of ourselves. Using complementary colors (colors opposite of each other on the color wheel) third graders began creating alter-egos.

Fast-forward a couple of lessons later, and Jack, my calm and collected artist was creating lightning-bolt hair


Matthew, one of the biggest sweethearts in the world had created this very mysterious and menacing character, complete with a very serious “mustachio”Image

Rebecca, one of my most confident and bubbly artists created this very frightened queen-from-another-world-like character 


Mason, who so incredibly respectful and has such impeccable manners, created this very goofy character who looks like he could stand to grab a tissue or two


Caleb, who barely makes a peep in art, created this screaming character with electric purple hair


Aren’t they just fantastic?! I’m so inspired to write about each of these characters, and I want to know more about each of them…

…but I think I’ll leave that up to them to share 🙂


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