Second Grade: Royal Portraits

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Second graders just finished these wonderful royal portraits. I knew after witnessing their fascination with castles that we needed to do a project like this! These portraits were the largest artworks we worked on this year, and I was so impressed with their stamina and focus. We looked at portraits of royalty from the Renaissance period, taking note of the techniques used by master artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. During the lesson, I projected an image of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel onto our classroom ceiling–not even close to the real thing, but the class was in awe. Kids have such a natural appreciation for art!

The artists used a “double-loading” technique, dipping into metallic tempera, and then immediately into a color of their choice, and letting the paint come together itself right on the paper. They LOVED this part, and so naturally, I did too 🙂


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