Fifth Grade Face Jugs: In progress


Fifth grade face jugs have just been fired in the kiln and are about to be glazed! This process has been quite an exciting one for my students…there is something so magical about starting with a slab of clay and using your hands to transform it into something three-dimensional that is both beautiful and functional.

Face jugs are one of the first forms of folk art created by African Americans. It is believed that slave families living in the United States placed these “Ugly Jugs” near the entrance to their homes to ward off evil spirits.The fifth graders were challenged to create their own form of a face jug, and had the task of conveying an emotion through facial expression. I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished, glazed products!

Here are three “greenware” terra cotta face jugs. Greenware is clay work that has not yet been fired.


Here is one of my students who came down during her recess time to work on her jug. It’s such a great feeling when  kids ask to spend extra time in the art room :)


If you’d like to learn more about face jugs, check out this kid-friendly link from PBS. My students really enjoyed watching it, and it was a great way to introduce the topic! To all of the art educators out there: There’s even a free Power Point!

Come back soon to see our finished, glazed jugs!


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