Art City Guides

A fifth grade Art City Guide guides a third grader who missed a day of art

I am a firm believer in using art as a opportunity for leadership, which is why I have begun “Art City Guides” in my classroom, an initiative that provides fifth graders with strong leadership qualities the opportunity to mentor and assist third graders in the art room.

It began with the student shown above left, who actually sparked this idea in my head. I may be the teacher, but I learn something from my kids every day 🙂

Art City Guides volunteer their time when they could be in their homeroom classrooms engaging in choice time. In addition, the student must earn this time in the art room by demonstrating responsibility and good character throughout the school day. Recently, I have been collaborating with several teachers whose students are struggling during the school day. For these particular kids, Art City Guides has become their motivation for making better choices in school. Gotta love that!!



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